Viral Video: In NASA's Defense: From One Canadian to Another

NASA - The Frontier is Everywhere Video Goes Viral, But Why?, Marc Boucher, editor, SpaceRef Canada

"Let's remember Gower is Canadian. Why isn't he ranting about the Canadian Space Agency? Ah well, NASA does have much higher profile. Gower says "their media sucks", well ok, sometimes it does, and then he says "None of their brilliant scientists appear to know how to connect with the social media crowd", and this unfortunately is where I disagree with Gower. NASA actually does, in my opinion, do a great job with the social media crowd. In fact among space or science agencies around the world they lead the way. NASA has embraced social media using blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, USTREAM, foursquare, myspace, flickr and Gowalla. They have Twitter accounts for senior management, astronauts and all their missions. They connect! Their scientists use social media to connect as well. But remember they have a job to do and it takes time to be social, but none the less, they do connect."

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