Delayed ISS National Lab CAN Released

Keith's 14 Feb note: At the ISS National Laboratory Cooperative Agreement Notice (CAN) Public Day on 10 December 2010, Mark Uhran said that the CAN would be released on 14 January 2011. According to Uhran letters of intent would be due on 14 February 2011, proposals due 4 March 2011, with an award in May 2011.

The CAN was released on Monday, 14 Feb - one month late. The release date slipped one month but the award date has slipped 2 months. No email notice has been sent out nor notice made on the ISS National Lab website. Notices of Intent are due on 4 March, proposals are due on 1 April, the anticipated selection announcement is 31 May, and the anticipated award date is 1 July. You can find the CAN and associated files here.

In his remarks at the ISS National Laboratory Cooperative Agreement Notice (CAN) Public Day, Mark Uhran said that NASA had roped off some of the most interesting stuff (human space physiology and spacecraft testing and engineering) as being off limits to proposers. Anyone proposing to do this will be considered "non-responsive" (his words). Oddly, these are two of the most promising uses of the ISS - the sorts of things that a lot of people would like to use the ISS for. No mention is made in this CAN as to whether Uhran's statement is indeed true or binding on proposers. If it is, one would think that it would be listed in the CAN itself. If it is not, then one would think that NASA would issue a clarification to those people in attendance at the event on 10 December.

Keith's 15 Feb 9:00 am EST update: An email just arrived announcing that the CAN has been released. But there is still no mention made on the ISS National Lab website or at NASA's procurement website. One would think that a press release would be in order as well for those who are not on the mailing list - and for those who know nothing about this due to all of NASA's earlier stealth attempts not to publicize this activity.

Keith's 15 Feb 6:00 pm EST note: The CAN notice showed up on NASA's procurement website this afternoon and on the ISS National Lab site as well - but it took them 24 hours to do this.

Keith's 16 Feb 5:00 pm EST note: On 22 Feb there will be a NASA Teleconference About Nonprofit Management Of Space Station

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