NASA FY 2012 Budget Increases Commercial Space (Heads up Wall Street Journal)

NASA Wants More For Commercial Crew, Technology, Aviation Week

"The Obama administration's $18.7 billion NASA budget request for fiscal 2012 continues the new policies started in last year's request, with a stronger push into commercial space travel to low Earth orbit (LEO) and modifications to accommodate the three-year NASA authorization enacted in December."

President Obama Freezes NASA's Budget at 2010 Levels,

"Although the new budget blueprint would roll back overall NASA spending, it does recommend boosts for some NASA sectors, including partnerships with commercial spaceflight companies. The 2012 request allocates $850 million for NASA to partner with American companies to provide astronaut transportation to and from the International Space Station."

Yet according to the Wall Street Journal:

NASA Budget Plan Restricts Spending On Private Rockets

"The Obama Administration's proposed 2012 National Aeronautics and Space Administration budget, expected to total more than $18.5 billion, is scaling back White House funding projections for private rockets and spacecraft intended to take astronauts into orbit, according to government and industry officials."

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