House Republicans Want to cut $379 million From NASA

A budgetary haircut ahead for NASA?, Orlando Sentinel

"Here's where the math gets tricky. The cuts announced by the appropriations committee call for a $379 million reduction to NASA's budget. A sizable sum if true. But it's another example of what happens when politicians start doing math. Here's why. The $379 million doesn't use the 2010 budget as a baseline. It uses President Barack Obama's proposed 2011 budget as a baseline, which was gave $19 billion to NASA. But that budget never passed."

CR Spending Cuts to Go Deep, House Committee on Appropriations

"House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers today announced a partial list of 70 spending cuts that will be included in an upcoming Continuing Resolution (CR) bill. The CR legislation will fund the federal government for the seven months remaining in the fiscal year and prevent a government wide shut-down, while significantly reducing the massive increases in discretionary spending enacted in the last several years by a Democrat majority. A full list of program cuts will be released when the bill is formally introduced."

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