@NASA_Spinoff's Terse Tweet

@NASA_Spinoff tweet: NASA water recycling system makes pee potable: http://bit.ly/fmJl1E

Keith's note: There were 73 characters left out of 140 available - so the author of this tweet could have chosen slightly more appropriate terms such as "waste", "urine", etc. Oh well. It certainly gets the mesaage across. Yes, its a slow news day thus far - until the Kepler announcement in a few hours. Of course, one of my favorite NASA PAO release titles - from 2003 is ''Fun With Urine' Pkg. TRT 1:49: "(Narration :09) UNOFFICIALLY CALLED 'MORE FUN WITH URINE,' THIS SHUTTLE EXPERIMENT COULD HELP FUTURE ASTRONAUTS FIGHT OFF DEPRESSION BY CREATING ART IN SPACE."

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