Tea Party/Libertarian/Conservative Space Event on the Hill

Conservative, Free-Market Leaders Call for Competitive Market in U.S. Spaceflight

Keith's note: I have been (attempting) to listen to the media dial-in for this event today but it is mostly mumbling (bad audio). Only Bob Walker was clear (and making sense). They also showed a video by a Tea Party evangelist (link in the press release). The Tea Party was mentioned frequently by speakers. The only PR for this event was done last night so it did not get much media attention. Indeed, the event's chairman and moderator can't even manage to get a heads up posted on his website. I asked the moderator (Rand Simberg) if the thinks that the President is telling the truth when he says he supports commercial space when he has accused the President of lying on his blog. Simberg replied (he was a little hard to understand on the phone link) that he did not think that the President cared either way about space commercialization. I asked the CAGW how they can reconcile statements in in support of commercial transport to the ISS when they have derided the ISS as a boondoggle for more than a decade. They said that they saw no contradiction.

There is a compelling conservative case to be made in support of space commercialization - and transitioning from government-mandated operations to private sector initiatives. The organizers should have limited commentary to Bob Walker (or added Newt Gingrich or Dana Rohrabacher) and that would have been much clearer.

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