The ISS Sales Pitch Is Starting to Get Stale

NASA Participates in United Nations Outreach Seminar on the International Space Station

"This was an opportunity for NASA and our international partners to share the capabilities of the space station with the international community," said International Space Station Program Scientist Julie Robinson, who presented at the seminar. "Now that the station has shifted from construction to research and technology development, we are working as a partnership to optimize its use as a laboratory."

Keith's note: Despite the happy press release, no mention is made of this event on the NASA ISS link provided in this press release or the NASA ISS National Lab page. On this U.N. page regarding the event all that is provided is are links to short, two sentence summaries of Robinson's talks. No presentations are posted at the U.N. or at NASA - not that the presentations ever vary much from one venue to another. That said, the ability of the ISS team to do the outreach that they love to brag about is clearly lacking. If the sales pitch never changes, the product gets stale in people's minds after a while.

Stale does not sell.

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Keith's update: These presentations have now been placed online:

- International Space StationNASA Research (PDF, 1.1 MB)
- International Space Station Research Accomplishments Overview (PDF, 8.7 MB)
- International Space Station-enabled Educational Opportunities (PDF, 3 MB)

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