Virgin Galactic Makes Second Suborbital Contract Announcement (XCOR Was First)

Virgin Galactic to Fly Scientists to Space

"Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic, LLC, the world's first commercial spaceline, announced today the first ever commercial contracts to fly scientists into space for the purpose of conducting research experiments. Virgin Galactic's signed contract with the Southwest Research Institute is the first such agreement to fly scientists into space (over 100 kilometers or 328,000 feet above the Earth), enabling valuable microgravity, biology, climate and astronomy research."

Keith's note: Ah, Virgin Galactic is playing up the Von Karman line as the definition of "space" so as to be able to say "first ever commercial contracts to fly scientists into space" in a press release. Oh well, XCOR announced their contract for similar services last week. Then again the NASA uses a lower altitude. Which definition of "space" is "official"?

X-15 Pioneers Honored as Astronauts, NASA (23 August 2005)

" ... NASA pilot Bill Dana, and family members representing deceased pilots John B. McKay and Joseph A. Walker, received civilian astronaut wings acknowledging their flights above 50 miles [62 km] high."

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