Moon Express Attracts Silicon Valley Heavyweights

Barney Pell Silicon Valley Entrepreneur & Technology Pioneer Extends His Search as Co-founder Vice-Chariman & Chief Technology Officer of Moon Express

The Moon-Rush is on and Dr. Barney Pell, well known Silicon Valley entrepreneur and former NASA R&D Manager, has joined the race. As Co-Founder, Vice-Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of Moon Express, Inc., Barney believes very strongly in the economic potential the Moon. "The Moon is Earth's eight continent," he said. "We have barely begun to explore the lunar surface and are already finding compelling evidence of resources that are very important to Earth."

Naveen Jain, Innovator, Philanthropist, and Entrepreneur, Is Reaching for the Moon as Co-Founder and Chairman of Moon Express, Inc.

"Naveen Jain shared with colleagues at the annual Explorers Club Awards Dinner in New York that he is Co-Founder and Chairman of Moon Express, Inc., winner of a $10M NASA commercial lunar contract and a leading contender for the $30M Google Lunar X PRIZE. Why is Naveen reaching for the Moon? He explained, This is an extremely exciting project as Moon exploration is vital to solving Earth's present and future resource problems."

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