Videos: Flying Simulated Suborbital Flights at NASTAR

Video: Cockpit screen view: NASTAR SpaceShip Two Centrifuge Simulation of 100% Acceleration Profile

This video is from a 11 May 2011 centrifuge run at the NASTAR center with SwRI scientist Cathy Olkin in the cockpit. The view simulates what one would see on a suborbital flight profile aboard Virgin Galactic's SpaceShip Two. These centrifuge rides are an integral feature of the NASTAR Center's suborbital scientist astronaut training program.

Video: External View: NASTAR Centrifuge 100% SpaceShip Two Acceleration Profile

This video shows SwRI scientist Con Tsang's 100% acceleration ride on a SpaceShip Two profile on 11 May 2011 as part of the NASTAR Center's suborbital scientist astronaut training program.

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