LaserMotive Goes to the Hill

LaserMotiveLaserMotive to Present at NASA Day on the Hill, LaserMotive

"LaserMotive is pleased to have the opportunity to demonstrate its wireless power technology next week at the NASA Day on the Hill. This annual event is open to the public as well as to Congress, but the presenters (such as LaserMotive) are by invitation only. Most of the presenters are from NASA or NASA contractors. However, LaserMotive is just one of two companies presenting that are not NASA contractors, making this honor extra special."

Marc's Note: This is a good story. Here's a startup out of Seattle that entered and won the first phase of NASA's Power Beaming Centennial Challenge and has since gone on to build a business case for their technology development. You can see them in DC on the Hill tomorrow.

Previous: NASA and Spaceward Foundation Award Prize Money for Successful Wireless Power Demonstration, NASA (Nov. 9, 2009)

"NASA has awarded $900,000 in prize money to a Seattle company that successfully demonstrated new wireless energy beaming technology which could one day be used to help power a "space elevator."

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