NASA Decides To Start Releasing More Dawn Imagery

Keith's note: According to NASA HQ PAO a movie compilation of Dawn approach imagery for Vesta will be released on Monday. The original plan had been to release this video on Friday but the delay in the launch of Aquarius pushed this back until next week. A plan is also being assembled whereby JPL releases one image per week until Dawn arrives at Vesta. This is a great start - but given that Cassini [example] - and MER [example] teams post raw stuff - warts and all - almost the instant they get it, one would hope that JPL PAO could be internally consistent and do the same with Dawn imagery as they do for other missions. The more they release, the more the public will come to understand just how it is that NASA does what it does - and do so by looking over robotic shoulders as a new world comes into view for the very first time.

Why is JPL Sitting on Dawn Images? (Update: Still Waiting), earlier post

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