OIG Report on Commercial Crew Transportation Services

NASA OIG Report: NASA's Challenges Certifying and Acquiring Commercial Crew Transportation Services

"NASA is still developing its acquisition strategy and has not settled on the specific mechanisms it will use for procuring commercial crew transportation services. The Commercial Crew Program Planning Office (Commercial Crew Office) plans to present its proposed acquisition strategy to Congress by late summer 2011. Mindful of national policy to limit the use of high-risk contracting vehicles such as noncompetitive and cost- reimbursement contracts, among the options NASA may consider is an acquisition strategy that relies on funded Space Act Agreements, competitive procurements, in particular fixed-price contracts, or a combination of both."

Keith's note: NASA is looking at no longer using Space Act Agreements for this sort of thing (at least that is what they have told OMB/OSTP) and they may soon be falling back on bad habits when it comes to dealing with the private sector. Stay tuned.

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