OldSpace's Attack Dog Is Back (Update: SpaceX Responds- Again)

The Case Against SpaceX, Part II, Loren Thompson, Forbes

"My main concern in raising these issues was that NASA not become overly dependent on an unproven launch provider -- one that only achieved its first launch success 32 months ago, but now says it will soon be ready to loft U.S. astronauts into orbit. With that in mind, I thought I would focus this week on how the company's track record compares with that of established launch providers, and why the assumptions made in its business strategy aren't likely to pan out in the real world."

SpaceX: Loren Thompson's Deceit, Robert Block, SpaceX, Forbes

"One of the oldest tactics in Washington is repeating a falsehood in a voice of deep conviction often enough that it eventually becomes the conventional wisdom. Loren Thompson, who masquerades as an independent, disinterested party, apparently believes in this approach."

SpaceX Responds To Forbes Contributor Loren Thompson, Forbes, original post

What NASA Risks By Betting On Elon Musk's SpaceX, Loren Thompason, Forbes, response to original post

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