Snapshot of NASA's Commercial Spaceflight Status

NASA Commercial Spaceflight Status Briefing to the AIA Space Council June 16, 2011

"Why Commercial Crew and Why Now?

1) Federal budgets, including NASA's, are extremely constrained
- COTS and CCDev have shown that we can change the cost equation
- We hope to fund multiple partners for less than $6B

2) Well understood technology
- Human spaceflight is hard, but no breakthroughs are needed
- We have been launching people into orbit for over 45 years

3) Strong and mature industrial base
- Global commercial space industry revenues have doubled from $80B to $160B during the last five years

4) Strong potential for customers other than the U.S. government
- Non-U.S. astronauts, space tourism, research and development

5) Decision to extend the International Space Station to at least 2020
- For the first time in history, we have a long-term, sustainable market for commercial human space transportation services"

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