Why is JPL Sitting on Dawn Images? (Update: Still Waiting)

Keith's 3 June note: Ever wonder why those Dawn approach images are so few and far between? After a series of frustrating emails with NASA HQ SMD PAO all I can get is "We may be able to release some time in June. Working with JPL to get an exact date.". At least NASA HQ PAO responds. JPL PAO and project staff simply refuse to reply to formal requests/inquires. What an amazing mission this will be - two worlds revealed for the first time - but already the NASA team seems to be sitting on the cool stuff. Not a good sign.

NASA Dawn Spacecraft Captures First Image Of Nearing Asteroid, earlier post

Keith's 6 June update: Still waiting for the release information - and images - from JPL. Actually, Veronica McGregor et al do not reply to email inquiries - only (to his credit) Dwayne Brown at NASA HQ PAO does.

A plea for more pictures from Dawn, Planetary Society

"I'm glad he replied to my email but I felt that [Dawn PI principal investigator, Christopher Russell] was missing the point of why members of the public would want to see approach images. It is not to enjoy pretty pictures. It is to "ride along" with the mission, to enjoy that thrill of discovering a new place for the first time. The Internet permits the public to participate vicariously in space missions, looking over the shoulders of the privileged few who get to (and get paid to!) explore the solar system through the eyes of robots."

Dawn Begins Approach to Asteroid Vesta and Snaps First Images, Universe Today

"Jim Adams, Deputy Director of Planetary Science, told me that the images from Dawn's Framing Camera will exceed those from Hubble in a few weeks."

Keith's 7 June update: The article was published on 11 May. 27 days later and it is 7 June. That certainly counts as "a few weeks". Indeed it almost a month. JPL is sitting on imagery that is due to "exceed those from Hubble" - and they won't release any of it? Why?

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