Cassini App for iPhone Available

Cassini appCassini iPhone App Available, JPL/Caltech

"The Cassini app was designed to give an overview of the spacecraft's current activities, starting with the latest dramatic images. These images range from sublime insights into another 'set of worlds,' considering the moon Titan itself has been called the most earth-like body in our solar system. Also included in the app is the 'Present Position' of the spacecraft, as well as a countdown to the next major event - usually a spectacular targeted flyby of one of Saturn's moons. At each stage, more in-depth information is only a click away."

Marc's Note: By my reckoning this is the 13th app that NASA has released which is pretty darn good although you won't find it in the official NASA apps page (yet). Maybe that's because JPL/Caltech released it (in late July). It's a pretty slick app but only available on the iPhone. That's a pity as I use an Android smartphone.

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