NASA's IT Summit Is Underway

The NASA IT Summit is an open forum of all the best that IT offers. Members of the IT community - NASA, Federal, Industry & Academia - will gather to exchange ideas, share best practices, and learn what is new and cutting edge on the internal and external IT landscape. NASA CIO Linda Cureton will host the 2011 IT Summit at the Marriott Marquis in San Francisco - August 15-17. To chat during the session, please go to the session on the IT Summit Remote Engagement Site:

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Keith's note: Facebook's CIO Tim Campos is the opening speaker today at the IT Summit. Alas, NASA blocks access to Facebook (and Google+ etc.) NASA has multiple internal attempts to copy (badly) some of what Facebook does so there is some appreciation for the utility of these tools. Campos makes many good points. Indeed, I think Tim Campos and NASA CIO Linda Cureton need to have a serious chat during the lunch break. He says interesting things but NASA blocks access to his company's product. So how can his lessons be applied? Why can't NASA civil servants and contractors use Facebook (or Google+) or both? And please don't throw "firewall" or "ITAR" nonsense back at me in the comments section. If NASA can reprogram 30+ year old Voyager spacecraft outside our solar system surely they can figure out how to offer employees the same tools that the rest of the world uses.

Working at NASA in 2011 is like driving a car that only has an AM radio - with only one speaker.

Keith's clarification: While some people can clearly access (and interact with) Facebook and other social media sites from their desks at NASA others tell me that they cannot. Due to the retaliatory mindset at NASA I am not going to identify where these people are. Suffice it to say, there is no consistent, agency-wide policy as to what people inside NASA can or cannot access out in the real world.

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