NASAHackSpace 20 September 2011

Space Colonies - Retro Idea - Suddenly Hip Again

Think about this: "NASA's original space colony studies were (creatively) funded in the 1970s. Forty years later, what can advances in technology in the intervening four decades - and changes in collective strategic and cultural thinking - bring to this idea that just won't go away - one that could lead to humans becoming a species capable of existence independent of living on a planetary surface. You now, spacefaring, and all that. Thoughts?"

Wiring An Ocean Planet

Think about this: "Imagine a similar network on the Moon or Mars - or a world with subsurface oceans such as Enceladus, Europa, or maybe Ceres - a network that uses in situ resources (Silicon, etc.) to manufacture the fiber optic cable. Imagine if NASA took data coming in from all of its missions, skipped the bad habit of compartmentalization, and put it all online - in one place - for all to see - and use."

Crowdsourced Search for Apollo 10's LEM "Snoopy" In Solar Orbit

Think about this: "Astronomers are teaming up with schools to use robotic telescopes over the internet to scan the night sky and find the spacecraft. The telescopes, part of the Faulkes Telescope Project run by Glamorgan University, are in Hawaii and Australia meaning schools can look with them during normal lesson times in the UK."

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