AURA's Ongoing Twitter Lobbying Campaign for JWST Funding

NASA Acknowledges James Webb Telescope Costs Will Delay Other Science Missions, Space News

"In the report, NASA also acknowledged for the first time that building and operating the long-delayed flagship telescope for five years will now cost $8.835 billion, or about $100 million more than the agency conceded in August."

This tweet is just one example of a long string of lobbying tweets: "All Webb Telescope #science supporters,new ACTION ALERT on my web page. Senate & House to conference in <10 days; #JWST"

Keith's note: So, this officially-branded AURA twitter account is utilized by AURA personnel during work hours to lobby for projects of clear interest to AURA and .... who pays their salary to do this lobbying? Hmmm ... where does their funding come from? Either NASA or NSF.

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