Is Virginia Waking Up To Commercial Space?

Seize Virginia's spaceflight opportunity, Op ed, Daily Press

"While any company conducting human spaceflight from Wallops has much to gain, the benefits that human spaceflight would bring to the Commonwealth would be even greater. Human spaceflight from Virginia's Eastern Shore would create thousands of primary and secondary jobs. .. Anyone who visited Florida's Space Coast during the heyday of the Apollo or the Space Shuttle programs can attest to the unparalleled impact human spaceflight has on job creation. ... However, none of this will matter if elected officials in Richmond and Washington are asleep at the wheel. A strong, coordinated and bipartisan effort must be made to incentivize and pressure companies such as Boeing and SpaceX to conduct commercial crew operations from Wallops. We have been presented with an unprecedented and historic chance to make the Commonwealth the gateway for NASA's human spaceflight future, and in today's tough economy failing to make a concerted effort would be the worst kind of tragedy."

SpaceX Searches for New Commercial Launch Site

"Four U.S. states - Virginia, California, Alaska, and Florida - have active launch sites. Given the complexity of developing a rocket launch site, SpaceX will be pursuing several options concurrently in order to fully understand the pros and cons of each location."

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