More Stealth Bolden Appearances

NASA Administrator Bolden Lauds Apollo 11 Crew And John Glenn

"NASA Administrator Charles Bolden made these remarks today during a ceremony in the rotunda of the U.S. Capitol, where leaders of Congress honored astronauts John Glenn, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins with congressional gold medals...."

Keith's note: This morning's edition of the Washington Post had a huge color picture of this event (Video - photos). So I guess someone told them about it in advance. Oddly enough, NASA did not give any advance notice to media or to the public that this prestigious event was going to happen and that the NASA Administrator would be participating. This is not unusual. Take a look at the speeches posted here by Charlie Bolden. How many of these appearances were announced by NASA in advance? Not many. Indeed, more than half of these events just "happened" - and the transcript of Bolden's comments show up quietly - often weeks after the event - if at all. Yet NASA PAO constantly crows about how open and accessible Bolden is to the media.

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