The OMB Staffer Who Is Holding Up Mars Mission Decisions

Conferees OK $17.8 Billion For NASA, Aviation Week

"I have had the opportunity to engage in conversation with individuals in the Office of Management and Budget [OMB]," said Steven Squyres of Cornell University, the Mars expert who headed up the planetary science decadal survey at the National Academy of Sciences, when asked if OMB is willing to commit to a joint Mars program with ESA. "In those conversations I have been told the administration is not ready to make such a commitment." Pressed by Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Md.), Squyres said Sally Ericsson, OMB program associate director for natural resources, energy, and science, told him of the White House's unwillingness to commit to the deal tentatively struck between NASA and ESA in 2009. Ericsson declined an invitation to testify before the House Science subcommittee on space and aeronautics."

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