A Congressional Staffer Who Needs Thicker Skin

Keith's note: As the STA luncheon on Capitol Hill was starting up today, Ken Monroe, a staffer on the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee sat next to me. His first words to me were "I really do not appreciate the way you attacked me - especially since we have never met before." I suggested that he "grow some thicker skin". I would not normally post an incident this, but you may recall that Ken Monroe is the person who referred to people at NASA (many of whom he has probably never met) as "idiots" on a Twitter post. Pot Kettle Black. Someone needs to develop thicker skin.

I guess that this earlier post "Congressional Staffer Ken Monroe Thinks That NASA Is "Run By Idiots"" is what Monroe considers to be an "attack" by me - wherein I take issue with his totally unprofessional comments about NASA management.

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