Another Alternative to ISS-Based Research (Update)

Magnetically-levitated Flies Offer Clues to Future of Life in Space

"Using powerful magnets to levitate fruit flies can provide vital clues to how biological organisms are affected by weightless conditions in space, researchers at The University of Nottingham say. The team of scientists has shown that simulating weightlessness in fruit flies here on earth with the use of magnets causes the flies to walk more quickly -- the same effect observed during similar experiments on the International Space Station."

While NASA Flies In Circles Technology Advances Back on Earth, earlier post

"Growing perfect crystals in space (on the Space Shuttle and Space Station) has been one of NASA's favorite promotional items in its mantra of promoting the use of the ISS as a "world class laboratory". The need for large crystals grown at great expense in space is quickly vanishing due to advances made on Earth."

Keith's 4 Jan note: To be certain, while people are now finding ways to examine phenomena on Earth that were once thought to only be possible - or practical - on the ISS, there is still a vast, untapped potential for the ISS. If only NASA would get out of its own way in this regard. Meanwhile CASIS, the entity created to maximize the utilization of U.S. assets on the ISS, has a web page that is inert and has not changed for months. They do not seem to have any staff (other than a director). If they do, then CASIS has no interest in telling anyone who these people are, what they do, or how to contact them.

Keith's 5 Jan update: I tweeted this today: "@ISS_NatLab -- when will CASIS start to *do* something?". The response? "@NASAWatch CASIS in process of building staff & preparing to take over research planning. You'll have to ask them yourself for more details." I then replied "@ISS_NatLab -- in other words you - #NASA - do not really know what CASIS is doing." and the response I got was "@NASAWatch If you want details on CASIS internal plans, you will need to ask them directly. Our focus is the transition, which is underway."

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