Kepler Finds Two Candidate SETI Signals - Or Not?

First Look at Kepler SETI Candidate Signals

"The signals below are undoubtedly examples of terrestrial radio frequency interference (RFI). ... These signals look similar to what we think might be produced from an extraterrestrial technology. They are narrow in frequency, much narrower than would be produced by any known astrophysical phenomena, and they drift in frequency with time, as we would expect because of the doppler effect imposed by the relative motion of the transmitter and the receiving radio telescope."

Keith's note: Wow - looks like NASA can fund and support SETI again. This is great news! For decades NASA has been afraid to fund anything that even hints at SETI due to a supposed Congressional prohibition on funding SETI with NASA funds. Yet no one has ever managed to produce the public law or actual legally binding Congressional document that actually states that such a prohibition does indeed exist. I never understood the logic in this SETI ban - especially when you note that many of the highest grossing films of all time (i.e. things that voters/taxpayers willingly pay to see) deal with SETI, Astrobiology, and life on other worlds.

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