Is This A Martian Ice Cave?

Mars HiRISE Image: Well-Speckled Polar Dunes

"These barchan (crescent-shaped) sand dunes are found within the North Polar erg of Mars. This type of dune provides a great record of the wind environment when they formed and moved: barchan dunes' horns point downwind. Although the question of present-day sand motion is still open, it appears possible that these dunes are active (when not covered in frost) as their crestlines are very sharp and their slipfaces (the inner curved region between the horns/downwind surface) appears very smooth and steep."

Keith's note: If you look at the hi res image there certainly seems to be an overhang of some sort - seemingly cave-like. I'd ask JPL PAO but they either ignore me or offer non-answers when they do respond. FWIW, this terrain reminds me of Hoth and you know what lives there.

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