NASA Budget Realities: Past Mistakes, Future Impacts

Red Planet meets red ink: budget ax could chop two NASA Mars missions, Christian Science Monitor

"Overall, the reports suggest that the total budget request for NASA will come in close to this year's budget of $17.8 billion. But the agency is having to absorb significant cost overruns for the James Webb Space Telescope, successor to The Hubble Space Telescope, and has had to do likewise with the Mars Science Laboratory, currently en route to the red planet."

Europe Turns to Russia as NASA Cuts Loom, WS Journal

"The latest budget crunch not only threatens the future of Mars exploration, according to scientists and lawmakers, but separate efforts to explore Europa, one of Jupiter's large moons, and other parts of the solar system where scientists have been looking for past signs of life. Within the past two years, NASA has backed out of two unrelated robotic missions with European space officials."

U.S. Space Science Confronts New Economic Reality, Wired

"Right now, everyone needs to step back a little bit and ask not 'how can I have mine' but 'how can we have ours,'" said astronomer Matt Mountain, director of the Space Telescope Science Institute that oversees operations of Hubble and other telescopes."

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