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This Is NASA's Cancer-Sniffing Cellphone Sensor, Gizmodo

"What if you could use your phone to test the air for toxins? What if you could monitor your health simply by blowing on it? Sounds amazing, right? Nanosensor technology developed by NASA Ames is going to make that a reality."

Keith's note: NASA Ames PAO worked with Gizmodo to generate this article - and others - as part of their "SpaceCamp" series that looks at things inside NASA. Other than a tweet about his series of articles by NASA CTO's Joe Parrish who is actually paying attention (alas he only has 72 followers - please follow him) NASA has done zippo to promote this spinoff. The more things I find written about the value of NASA research the more I find evidence that NASA is asleep at the wheel. This stuff mostly gets written in spite of NASA. And when NASA does assist people as they write stories the agency is clueless as to how to make a simple link on their website to the stories that result.

I am beginning to think that NASA simply doesn't care any more. And if they don't have the energy to do simple PR 101 sort of tasks, why should anyone care what the agency gets in terms of a budget? And who will complain when the budget is cut? Just like the kidney stone spinoff work NSBRI is doing, this NASA-developed sensor array also has the potential for wide utilization here on Earth. But NASA would rather not expend the energy to tell the ultimate stakeholders - i.e. taxpayers - that this is the cool payback that they get for all those billions spent on NASA. Mind boggling.

Keith's update: I am partially wrong. NASA ARC did release a short press release about chemical sensors for a smartphone. But look at the pictures that were released. They are for another, simpler prototype sensing system. This newer hardware is much more advanced and closer to "production". I wonder what this will look like in another couple of months? That's the funny thing about technology. It doesn't stand still while NASA's sluggish PAO efforts do not strive to stay current.

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