Hearing on FAA Commercial Space Budget

Subcommittee Examines FY13 FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation Budget Proposal

"Testifying on behalf of FAA, Dr. George Nield, Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation, said that once the moratorium has ended, "Regulatory standards governing human spaceflight will evolve as the industry matures so that regulations neither stifle technology development nor exposed crew or spaceflight participants to avoidable risks."

Subcommittee Reviews Budget of FAA's Office of Commercial Space Transportation

"Democratic Members expressed concern that several important policy issues need to be resolved, including how risks and responsibilities will be treated; how financial responsibilities will be handled; how safety regulations will be developed; whether AST's dual role as both a regulator and promoter of the commercial spaceflight industry is appropriate; and how partnerships between AST and other agencies such as NASA are being managed."

Opening Statement by Rep. Palazzo: Commercial Space Transportation's Fiscal Year 2013 Budget Request

"The AST budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2013 includes a 2% increase, which is intended to allow AST to double the number of staff in field offices in anticipation of potentially up to 40 launch and reentry operations in 2013. This significant increase reflects several launches for ISS cargo resupply, and long- anticipated flights in the suborbital tourism market."

- George Nield, Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration

- Capt. Wilbur C. Trafton (USN Ret.), Chairman, Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee

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