Stu Nozette's New Mission: 13 Years in a Jail Cell (Update with Video)

Scientist Nozette Called Brilliant, Greedy Traitor, FAS

"As a condition of his plea agreement, which lowered his sentence recommendation from 262 months to 156 months, Nozette was debriefed by law enforcement and intelligence officials. But "the value of these debriefings was limited. Defendant provided no actionable information. There were times that defendant's professed lack of recollection was baffling."

Keith's note: Here's a Video of creepy convicted traitor Stu Nozette giggling and shoving food into his mouth while talking about being a super secret man of mystery with fake identities, offshore bank accounts, escape routes, places to hide out, extradition restrictions, taking lessons from 9-11 terrorist Mohammed Atta on how to get out of the U.S. - and that this decision to betray the U.S. was a "career decision".

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