Union Absurdity at Ames

NASA ARC Memo: Management Appointments: Details and Appointments

Keith's note: ARC Center Director Pete Worden made a series of standard personnel announcements yesterday including his chief scientist. In what has to be one of the goofiest things I have ever heard a union rep claim, it would seem that the Union wants to have a vote or a popularity contest in the routine filling of these positions. Is this civil service or voting for who is "most popular" in high school? And who picks this "panel", the union? I give up. I guess the words "Center Director" mean nothing these days.

"Sadly, Dr. Worden ignored the Union's appeal to his better angels and instead moved forward with the selection of a new Chief Scientist by royal proclamation, instead of embracing a merit-based, fair, and open competition. Rather than his asserting absolute power in this matter, we had hoped that he would rely on the wisdom and counsel of an independent selection panel of distinguished Life, Earth, and Space Scientists from Ames and elsewhere (or some effective equivalent), after a review of applications to an open call. Unfortunately, he chose not to go in that direction."

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