Yes Houston, NASA Is In Cleveland Too (Update)

Reader note: "NASA JSC Public Affairs interviews ISS Flight Director Royce Renfrew and the interview was posted on NASA's ReelNASA YouTube channel. Starting at 16:38 the discussion turns to SLICE experiments being performed by the current ISS crew. At 17:26 Renfrew says "We don't actually have a NASA center in Cleveland ..." What??"

Keith's Update: Someone representing the ReelNASA YouTube channel replied in the comments of the video: "Mr. Renfrew was referencing the fact there is not an ISS Mission Control Center in Cleveland that is capable of speaking with the crew. He was highlighting the fact we can arrange for researchers to have direct communication with the crew regarding their research, a benefit of doing Station science. NASA Glenn Research Center is located in Cleveland, but it does not have a mission control center that interacts with the station crew. We appreciate your comment. ..." Typical JSC PAO - never admit any mistakes - ever.

The facts according to NASA GRC: "Since 2001, the TSC has provided over 26,000 hr of continuous support for diverse microgravity research experiments onboard the ISS, 24 hr a day, 7 days a week, while requiring less than 100 hr of crew intervention. Secure, dedicated audio, video, and data interfaces are provided to payload teams, including a digital stream of two channels of video from the ISS and the ability to communicate directly with the ISS crew."

Houston, we have a NASA center,

"I feel for the guy. ... That's an answer he probably wishes he could suck back into his head," said NASA Glenn Director Ray Lugo. "The statement was taken a little bit out of context. The more you pick on it, the worse it gets. ... The last thing I want to do is add to it."

Keith's 27 March Update: The ReelNASA Youtube channel posted this video yesterday: "ISS Update Commentator Pat Ryan interviews Dr. Paul Ferkul, Principal Investigator for the Burning and Suppression of Solids (BASS) experiment" with Dr. Paul Ferkul participating in the interview from NASA Glenn Research Centers Telescience Center."

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