Yet Another Spinoff the CTO Is Not Telling You About

GM, NASA Jointly Developing Robotic Gloves for Human Use

"General Motors and NASA are jointly developing a robotic glove that auto workers and astronauts can wear to help do their respective jobs better while potentially reducing the risk of repetitive stress injuries. The Human Grasp Assist device, known internally in both organizations as the K-glove or Robo-Glove, resulted from GM and NASA's Robonaut 2 (R2) project, which launched the first human-like robot into space in 2011. R2 is a permanent resident of the International Space Station."

NASA, GM Jointly Developing Robotic Gloves for Human Use

Keith's note: Talk about a cool spinoff - being developed in real time on Earth and in space - one that leverages a public/private partnership between NASA robotics and private sector manufacturing know-how. You'd think that the people at NASA who have the job of promoting spinoffs, advanced technology, etc. i.e. The Chief Technologst's Office (OCT) would be drooling over this - and helping to promote it every way that they can. Guess again. No mention of this at the CTO main website (although the CTO's travel plans seem to be important) and no mention on the Spinoff page.

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