Myths About Shuttles and Supporting Space Exploration

NASA space shuttle Enterprise to arrive in New York City on April 23, NY Daily News

"[Sen.] Schumer ruffled feathers from Florida to Texas for using his congressional clout to score a shuttle for New York, which had a limited role in space exploration. ... Houston, home to NASA's mission control, was left out. Texas GOP Sen. John Cornyn fumed at the time that "clear political favors trumped common sense and fairness" in handing out shuttles to Los Angeles and New York."

Keith's note: According to the Tax Foundation:

- In 1981 Texas citizens paid $40,786,000,000 in federal taxes and got $32,851,000,000 back. In 2005 they paid $146,932,000,000 and got $148,683,000,000 back.

- In 1981 New York citizens paid $48,641,000,000 in federal taxes and got $43,574,000,000 back. In 2005 they paid $168,710,000,000 and got $144,876,000,000 back.

New York taxpayers have paid more in federal taxes than they got back. New York taxpayers paid more in federal taxes than Texas taxpayers did. Texas taxpayers got more from the federal government than they paid in taxes.

NASA is funded by tax dollars. New Yorkers paid more for NASA than Texans did. The argument that New Yorkers had less to do with space exploration is fundamentally flawed. New Yorkers' money helped pay Texan salaries at NASA. All of America paid for the Space Shuttle program. All of America should get to share in the shuttle's legacy.

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