NASA Still Thinks Fuel Depots Are A Good Idea (But Won't Say So)

NASA JSC Briefing: Propellant Depot Alternate DRM 34B - Mission Risk, Reliability, and Availability Analysis

"From the standpoint of S&MA's role in technology assessment and prioritization, it seems depot technologies should be a high priority for investment due to their potential to achieve Agency goals to achieve "Low Cost Reliable Access To Space", if the technology can be successfully developed, demonstrated, matured, infused, evolved, and applied in future architectures so as to fully realize its benefit."

Transcript Regarding Fuel Depots, Hearing on "A Review of NASA's Space Launch System"

"ADMINISTRATOR BOLDEN: I don't have the answer, and I'll get it for the record. But I will tell you in the ongoing evaluation that I asked in coming to the conclusion that I did on the SLS, we looked at multiple scenarios, one of which was, you know, flight to Earth orbit or what we call an "Earth orbit rendezvous," and it turned out that that was not as economical nor as reliable as the single flight beyond Earth orbit rendezvous, the way that we envision it now."

- NASA Studies Show Cheaper Alternatives to SLS, earlier post
- NASA's Ongoing (But Closely Held) Interest In SLS Alternatives, earlier post
- Update on NASA's Hidden Fuel Depot Studies, earlier post

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