Planetary Resources: Show Me The Money

Ask an Expert: Explorer's lessons for asteroid miners, USA Today

"No dummies, the firm has some NASA funding already for their development, reports Keith Cowing of NASAWatch. And a recent Forbes pieces hints that they may be stalking the remote-sensing industry with these small telescopes, ones that might eyeball our planet with even more ease than they spot passing asteroids."

How Billionaire Asteroid Miners Make Money -- Without Mining Asteroids, Forbes

"So when I had a chance to discuss the technology and business of asteroid mining with Chris Lewicki, the company's President and Chief Engineer, one of my first questions was about that statement - is it true that Planetary Resources is already making money? "That's correct," he said. "When we started the company, one of the first things we did was to identify the roadmap that would get us from now until we got to the asteroids. That way, we could identify who would be interested in the things we'd be developing along the way. We already have contracts with NASA, some private companies, and even a few private individuals."

Is Planetary Resources Already a NASA Contractor? (Yes), earlier post

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