NASA, CASIS, and the Invisible The Space Station

'Made in Space': Coming soon to a product near you, Reuters

"The European Space Agency is hatching plans for a branding campaign aimed at making people more aware of the benefits of spending their hard-earned taxes on the International Space Station. ..."It frustrates people, because we know we have a valuable asset," Mark Uhran, NASA's assistant associate administrator for the International Space Station, told Reuters at a conference in Berlin of scientists from the 15 nations backing the project."

Resignation Letter from CASIS Executive Director Jeanne L. Becker

"Unrealistic expectations have been levied collectively by Congressional staffers, by NASA (Mr. Uhran) and by ProOrbis."

Letter from CASIS to NASA: Response regarding Notification of Actions Following Dr. Becker's Resignation

"- website is in beta testing. Should be functional by mid-April."

Keith's note: And yet despite all of this gushing urgency about the potential of the ISS, Uhran et al can't even get their own website and the website run by CASIS to coordinate with one another or for either to be responsive to news - the very same news Uhran seems to think that people are desperate to read? The new CASIS website was supposed to be functional nearly a month ago. Then CASIS sends out a media advisory with 22 hours notice for a meeting (yesterday) with their scientific "team" (the "team" being comprised of 2 people - both consultants). Wow, what a big "team".

If NASA and CASIS don't take the ISS seriously to give it the manpower and visibility it deserves, then why should anyone else?

- NASA/CASIS Ignores NASA's Own ISS Research Announcements

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