Obama to Romney: Will You Fire Mike Griffin?

Will Mitt Romney Fire Space Advisor Michael Griffin For Proposing Permanent Moon Base?, BarackObama.com

"While speaking to Global Space Exploration Conference in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, Romney Space Advisor Michael Griffin renewed his calls for a "permanent base on the moon." Given Romney's promise to fire anyone who proposed putting a colony on the moon, will Romney keep his promise by firing Griffin?"

Keith's note: Mr. Romney has said next to nothing about space policy thus far. But on the one notable instance where he did say something, Romney stated that he'd fire anyone who took the position of supporting moonbases - the stance that Romney campaign space advisor Mike Griffin has taken. You have to wonder whether Mike Griffin actually knows what his candidate's positions are with regard to space policy - or is this an indication that Romney's positionon moonbases has changed? Stay tuned.

- Partisan Romney Space Advisor To Call For Non-Partisan Space Policy, earlier post
- Obama Campaign Issues Space Policy Fact Sheet, earlier post

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