Misleading KSC Video

RESOLVE rover short for Regolith and Environment Science and Oxygen and Lunar Volatiles ExtractionResolve Rover Begins Testing, NASA KSC

Marc's note: With the Shuttle retirement the Kennedy Space Center has been active in promoting itself and what it can offer. That's good and as it should be. However its latest video promoting a rover "NASA is developing" at KSC is misleading in that it does not mention once its partner in the project, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). The video makes it sound like it's an all NASA project being worked on at KSC. Most of the video was shot during a media opportunity last month at KSC which included CSA personel, one of which appears in the video. Currently the RESOLVE mission is in Hawaii conducting tests on Mauna Kea through July 20. What is the CSA contributing? Well here's the list:

- The Artemis Junior terrestrial rover will serve as the semi-autonomous mobile platform for payloads, including NASA instruments designed to prospect for water ice and other lunar resources; Destin, a versatile onboard drill and sample transfer system; and Q6 Stack, an avionics suite consisting of a powerful, low-mass and low- power hybrid processors and interface modules, which will control the RESOLVE system.

Whoever wrote the script at KSC PAO has some explaining to do.

Earlier press releases:

- Rover's Exploration May Lead to Deep Space, NASA
- The Canadian Space Agency and NASA Test Lunar Technologies, Canadian Space Agency

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