Why Are MSL PR Materials Not Openly Available?

NASA Administrator Bolden's Remarks from the "Go Curiosity" Video

"We've put together some materials that will help you tell this fascinating story to your family, friends, and neighbors, because no doubt, they'll be asking you as the NASA expert, no matter what your job is with the agency. "It's a pretty straightforward story, and we should all be happy and proud to talk about it. So we've sent your supervisors some materials that you can use to answer questions and relay your excitement about working for NASA."

Keith's note: If Charlie Bolden really trusts all of his employees to honestly and openly convey their exctement about MSL, then why are these materials only sent to supervisors - and not sent directly to all NASA employees? In addition, this website communications.nasa.gov/marstoolkit is mentioned but taxpayers are not allowed to access it. Why is Charlie being less than open about what these materials are?

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