Why Is NASA Looking for Contractors To Support Banned Interactions With China?

NASA Letter from SARA: China FAQ and New Volunteer Reviewer Form, NASA SMD

"Dear Colleagues, If you collaborate with anyone in China you should read our new FAQ. Our appropriation (Public Law 112-55, SEC. 539) contained a brief statement, the bottom line if which is that NASA funds, including ROSES research grants, cannot be used "...to participate, collaborate, or coordinate bilaterally in any way with China..."

NASA Solicitation: Intepretation Translation, Visa Processing, and Logistical Support, NASA

"Oral interpretation and written translation of official and technical/scientific/engineering documents ... China, Visa processing for ... and China ... Administrative coordination, advance preparation and support of conducting onsite overseas official meetings and high level visits; 8) Overseas logistics support primarily for the Former Soviet states and China, providing administrative, clerical and in-country ground transportation logistic services ..."

Keith's note: If NASA is prohibited by Public Law 112-55, SEC. 539 from interactions with China, why is NASA soliciting contractors to support NASA interactions (visits, translations) with China?

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