Armstrong Tributes Continue

Keith's note: This is how the exit sign for JPL looked yesterday. Larger image.

Video: Administrator Bolden's Message on the Passing of Neil Armstrong

"Neil will always be remembered for taking humankind's first small step on a world beyond our own, but it was his courage, grace, and humility before, during, and after his historic Apollo 11 mission that has continued to lift him and all of us far beyond that breakthrough achievement."

Passing of an Era, Paul Spudis, AIr & Space

"It's become cliche to say that Neil Armstrong holds a unique place in history. On this occasion, we should pause to consider just how singular his place is. No one - not the first human to Mars nor the first crew to venture beyond the Solar System - will ever achieve the same level of significance as the first human to step onto the surface of another world. The flight of Apollo 11 was truly a once in a lifetime event - and by that, I mean in the lifetime of humanity. That first step was indeed one to "divide history," as the NASA Public Affairs Office put it at the time."

Keith's update: Proclamation by the President: Flags To Be Flown at Half Staff: Death of Neil Armstrong

Statement from the Family of Neil Armstrong Regarding Memorials and Donations

"The outpouring of condolences and kind wishes from around the world overwhelms us and we appreciate it more than words can express. Many have asked if a memorial has been designated. If anyone wishes to make a memorial in his name, we suggest, in lieu of flowers, memorials be sent to one of these worthy organizations:"

Keith's note: A private family memorial is planned in Cincinnati on Friday. A public event is in the planning stages.

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