Cryptic Space Station Procurement From JSC (update)

Enabling Support Equipment and Services for International Space Station as a National Lab

Keith's 16 Aug 4:30 pm update: NASA JSC re-released the Award notice. It now says "Classification Code: 16 -- Aircraft components and accessories; NAICS Code: 541712 - Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences (except Biotechnology)" but it still lists the award recipient as being "Research for the Future Inc., 1616 P ST NW, Washington, DC 20036-1400" even though the awardee is actually "Resources for the Future" located at that street address. I guess the name of the company isn't important in NASA awards.

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Keith's 14 Aug note: No details for this JSC contract are provided in this contract award notice from JSC. The award was made to "Research for the Future Inc.". Future Research is the closest thing I could find - located in Alabama. Their website says that it is a "total solution provider committed to responding to diverse customer requirements with the most efficient / cost-effective solutions." There is no mention of space/NASA expertise that I can find on their website. Google is not much help either. The notice says that the award to Research for the Future Inc. is for $1,275,549; classified as being for "Aircraft components and accessories"; with the NAICS code "Research and Development in the Social Sciences and Humanities". In other words, who knows what this is for - just check a box - any box.

Keith's 15 Aug update: Reading the title and classifications listed, this sounds a lot like the tasks that have been delegated to CASIS for their support of the ISS National Lab. But that assumption is based on a trivial amount of information. So, I have submitted a request to PAO for a copy of the contract and statement of work. They will probably tell me that I need to file a FOIA request. Such requests can take anywhere from a few weeks to months, and in a few cases, years, to process. Stay tuned.

Keith's 16 Aug 9:00 am update: The NASA award notice specifically says "Research for the Future Inc." as the name of the recipient. Yet comments below refer to which points to "Resources for the Future". The street addresses match. In other words NASA cannot even correctly identify to the public who it is giving money to. If you look at you see that they are policy-oriented - so this makes a little more sense. Yet there is not obvious space-related business evident (and again, Google offers little insight). This is not necessarily bad since fresh air is badly needed in NASA's ISS utilization - especially given that CASIS hasn't done much of anything - yet. Either way, regardless of the awardee's actual name, there is still no description of what this award is for and contrary to NASA's claim, it clearly does not involve "Aircraft components and accessories" as is stated in the award notice. Not even remotely.

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