Huffington Post Google Hangout Today

Keith's update: There will be a Huffington Post Google Hangout [revised link] discussion about space at 2:30 pm EDT today. Guests:

- Andrew Chaikin, Author of "A Man on the Moon: The Voyages of the Apollo Astronauts"
- Andrew Kessler, Space Enthusiast and author of "Martian Summer"
- Dave Brody, Science & Technology Writer at
- Edward Hudgins, Author of "Space: The Free Market Frontier"
- Keith Cowing, Founder of NASA Watch, Former NASA Scientist

This discussion was spawned by an article by Wayne Hale. Alas, Wayne was unable to join in at the last minute:

Space Exploration - A Presidential Priority, Huffington Post

"The real destination goal for America's space program should encompass all of the potential destinations, with the priority and order set by the needs and capabilities of the developing infrastructure. This will not be a short-term, one administration, or one party goal, but neither was America's westward expansion over a century ago."

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