NASA Seeks Members for NRO Hardware Study Group

>Notice of Intent to Solicit Science Definition Team for National Reconnaissance Orbiter Optical Hardware via Dear Colleague Letter

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Keith's 20 Aug note: According to this NASA notice, "NRO" stands for either "National Reconnaissance Observatory" or "National Reconnaissance Orbiter". Nice way to say thank you to NRO.

Keith's 21 Aug update: They fixed it.

Notice of Intent to Solicit Science Definition Team for National Reconnaissance Office Optical Hardware via Dear Colleague Letter

"NOTE added August 21, 2012: This community announced is being reissued to (a) clarify the nature of the parallel coronagraph study, (b) correct the export-control driven eligibility requirement from U.S. citizens to U.S. persons, (c) announce a wider survey for potential uses of the telescope assets that will be undertaken later in 2012, and (d) correct some typographical errors (including what NRO stands for)."

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