Speaking of Mohawks

NASA's 7 Minutes of 'Mohawk Guy' Goes Viral, PC Magazine

"Meanwhile, the Mohawk Guy puzzle may have been solved, but there were other curiosities in the JPL's Curiosity broadcast that have yet to surrender their mysteries. We'll leave you with this: Embedded below is the video showing the reaction at mission control when Curiosity's landing was confirmed. Ferdowsi is there, of course, but see if you can also spot Old Hippy Guy and Jump-the-Gun-Celebration Guy."

Keith's note: Word has it that the head of Mars TSA (picture to the right) has been fired after allowing Mars Curiosity and its laser to land on Mars undetected. Speaking of mohawks ... if you watched *any* MSL landing coverage you saw Internet nerd icon "the Mohawk guy" (Bobak Ferdowsi) sitting at his console. You can follow him at @tweetsoutloud .

JPL folks are notoriously open about expressing their emotions and individuality during landings at mission control (think back to the Pathfinder landing) yet they do things as equally amazing as are done from JSC and KSC. Yet you'd never see a mohawk in MCC or LCC. Why is that?

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