China & U.S. In Space? Wishful Thinking by Some (Update)

IAF to receive back 300 unique space-flown flags at ILA 2012

"The flags, travelled in space for a total of 444 days, have been aboard Soyuz TMA-20, the International Space Station (ISS), Endeavour STS-134, Tiangong-1 and Shenzhou-9. Following their last flight, they will be handed over to IAF by a Chinese delegation including Ms Ping WU, Deputy Director-General of the China Manned Space Agency, and Mr Wang LIU, the taikonaut who performed Shenzhou-9's manual docking to the ISS earlier this year."

Keith's note: "Shenzhou-9's manual docking to the ISS earlier this year"? Wow. Who knew.

12 Sep 2012: Erratum: An error appeared in our press release dated 11 September 2012. Taikonaut Wang LIU performed a docking maneuver to Tiangong-1 earlier this year, and of course not to the ISS. Please find below the corrected press release.

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