Curiosity as Part of a Space Campaign Theme

It's time for America to make miracles again -- with Obama, opinion, Katheleen Kennedy Townsend, Orlando Sentinel

"On Aug. 6, NASA again made history by successfully landing the Curiosity rover on Mars to look for signs of life and pave the way for the first human mission. No other country in the world has done what we have done on Mars. I was almost as excited by that miracle landing as I was in 1969 as an 18-year-old girl, mesmerized by the sight of American footprints on the moon. President Kennedy never lived to see that dream come true. But so many of his miraculous dreams are living reality today."

Obama on Medicare, space in Florida, Politico

"And while Obama was in the neighborhood of the Kennedy Space Center, he praised NASA for the successful landing of the spacecraft Curiosity on Mars last month. Obama called Curiosity "an incredible achievement that speaks to our sense of wonder and can-do spirit." He said the landing serves as "an example of what we do when we combine our science, our research, our ability to commercialize new products, making them in America."

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