Garver Hits Back on Space Policy Direction and Destinations

Prepared Remarks by NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver, AIAA 2012 Space Conference

"Finally, there are some who believe that NASA has lost its edge and is no longer the world's leader in space. In fact, some have suggested that we're now number three. Sounds to me like they're either woefully uninformed or, worse, betting against America. That is never a good bet. So, for those who think our space program is in decline, I have this simple message: President Obama and NASA have "Created a Sustainable Vision for Space." America continues to lead the world in space exploration. We're successful undertaking missions that other nations can only dream about, unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit of American industry to do what it does best and investing in game-changing technology that will revolutionize space travel and life on earth. The best days of our space program are ahead of us. And have no doubt: America's space program is better off than it was four years ago."

Voyages: Charting the Course for Sustainable Human Space Exploration (Report)

"This report articulates NASA's multi-destination human space exploration strategy using a capability-driven approach NASA is ensuring that the United States fosters a safe, robust, affordable, sustainable, and flexible space program by developing a set of core evolving capabilities instead of specialized, destination-specific hardware These core capabilities allow NASA the flexibility to conduct increasingly complex missions to a range of destinations over time By expanding human presence throughout the solar system, we increase our scientific knowledge, enable technological and economic growth, and inspire global collaboration and achievement."

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